Revolution in Transportation


Faster, Thrilling Freedom
On the Road
Front and Rear Tesla Electric Motors
LG Chem Batteries 
1000 hp 920 lb-ft Torque

est. 3-4 Seconds

0-60 mph

est. 150 Mile

Driving Range

4 Seats 

Luxury Sedan Interior

2x Williams FJ-33 2000 lb Thrust Engines
Dry Weight 320 lb
Drag Coefficient .08
Performance Estimated With .11 Cd
In the Air

Target 450 KIAS 

.82 MACH

Target 750 NM

IFR Reserves

Target +5G -2G

120 DEG/SEC Roll

On the Runway


920 lb-ft Wheel Torque


4000 lb Thrust

Turbine Engines

0-140 mph

~6 Seconds

Unprecedented Acceleration


120 KIAS Approach Speed

No Flare Landing Suspension

4 Large Wheels

With High Performance

Carbon Brakes



Stopping Power


2500 ft

Balanced Field


For takeoff, as the wing generates lift, active front suspension extends to set the take off pitch attitude
Dual Chamber Suspension: 10" of Travel
Easy to Fly
10" of travel in suspension can cushion landings up to a 4 degree approach path
No Flare Landing
HUD and velocity vector make lining up on the runway and maintaining a 3 degree approach path to touch down, easy
Velocity Vector
X-46 during sea trials. Example of a no-flare landing.
Flight Controls
Split elevator blends roll control with pitch input for naturally coordinated turns
Flaps and Spoilers
Electrically actuated flaps and roll
spoilers on the wings keep the connection to the wing simple with no mechanical linkages
Automatic stabilizer trim maintains neutral pitch with flap and speed changes


Why do we typically fly one leg over long distances? 


Imagine you had to rent a car whenever you exited the freeway. The time and hassle to coordinate a rental would change how and when you used the freeway. You’d only use it for long trips and one exit. That’s how we think about flying. 


With the Firenze, multiple airport combinations can easily make your trip faster, conveniently, effortlessly, without the need to arrange ground transportation and transfer between vehicles at each airport.


Managing businesses across many locations? Multiple flights in one day around a metro area or between city combinations could be easy and effortless. A 2 hour drive in heavy traffic could be an enjoyable 10 minute flight.


What’s more, you can avoid traffic by landing at one airport and departing from another. You’ll never need to battle road congestion to get back to the airport where your aircraft is trapped.


Firenze is the effortless on-ramp to the jet-fast freeway in the sky with convenient access to a much bigger, more accessible world.




Firenze is a new category in transportation. 


Around the world, every day, thousands of professionals travel to remote locations far beyond rental cars and Uber drivers. This requires coordination of staged vehicles at the runway and a staffed remote camp to maintain them. 


In the absence of staged vehicles, the only alternative is many hours driving hazardous rough roads. In northern Canada, Alaska and across the developing world, this is a daily reality.


Firenze changes that. With high clearance, large wheels, long travel suspension, high torque motors, and a massive onboard power supply, wherever professionals need to go, they’ll always have the wheels, wings, and power they need.