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The WSJ reported that the majority of corporate jet flights are less than 300 miles for 1 person. For regional intercity travel, flying the Firenze Lanciare rather than a mid to full size corporate jet would radically reduce carbon emissions while offering far greater door-to-door speed, convenience, and flexibility. For 1/5 the fuel burn but greater capability, it's a no-compromise, yet dramatic first step on the path to full sustainability.

Approximately 40% of corporate jet flights are empty as crews ferry the aircraft to pick up clients and dead head aircraft to maintenance facilities. The Firenze eliminates this fuel burn because it can drive using the battery rather than fly deadhead legs.

With batteries already integrated, the Firenze is ready for full electric flight when battery density becomes sufficient to offer inter city air transportation utility.

Turbine engines can be converted to use renewable hydrogen power when hydrogen gas becomes a viable energy source for aircraft.

The Firenze in its current configuration could exclusively use renewable biofuels.

EVTOLs will replace helicopters for short range metro helipad to helipad travel over the next 10 to 15 years, but based on the rate of improvement in battery technology and precedent set for development and certification of new technology platforms, a passenger carrying eVTOL will not be capable of intercity travel for at least 20 years.

Because it is a proven, conventional design using certified engines and avionics, in as little as 5 years, the Firenze could dramatically reduce fuel consumed for high demand regional travel while radically improving flexibility and reducing travel times.  


  • FJ-33 ENGINES - Proven design, certified, and available for purchase. Turbine engine and twin engine reliability with low maintenance provides the safest power combination available. Intakes and exhaust follow proven design principles. The chromoly engine support structure exceeds requirements.


  • TESLA MOTORS - Readily available with many experienced technicians capable of incorporating electric motors into an airframe. Validated engine performance.


  • LG CHEM BATTERIES - Easy to buy, ready to be installed with validated performance. 


  • BATTERY CONTROLLERS - Many options for sale now.


  • SUSPENSION - Existing suspension systems with demonstrated capability for smooth driving on rough unprepared roads. Baja Trophy Truck validated, no flare landing capability. Over 100 carrier aircraft types throughout history used suspension systems to absorb no-flare landing loads. 


  • CARBON BRAKES - Performance brakes available now and used in many applications from high speed, high end exotic vehicles, to daily drivers, to corporate aircraft.


  • TIRES - Common tire size with several manufacturers capable of meeting engineering specs. Tires would have the largest surface contact patch to weight ratio of any other turbine class aircraft such as Cessna, Pilatus, and King Air.  This affords operations on grass, gravel, dirt, and compact snow strips with far superior handling and stopping capability while minimizing the risk of getting stuck. 


  • WING - Many similar thin delta wing designs used on fighter aircraft lift 10’s of thousands of pounds at high G, allow for  blistering fast top speeds and a smooth stable ride in turbulence for weapons delivery. Combined with large fowler flaps to generate camber for lift requirements through a large speed envelope, a thin wing can achieve functional approach and landing speeds. There are many aircraft with similar span to weight and wing loading to weight configurations.


  • WING SHUTTLE AND TRANSFER FRAME - Similar chain drive systems are used in millions of automobile engines for daily driving, racing, and off road racing. Chain drives are also used in aircraft designs for a variety of functions such as the Harrier for exhaust  nozzle control. A chain drive is a proven reliable system.


  • WING FOLD CONNECTION MECHANISMS - Protruding spar with electrically controlled and actuated surfaces vastly simplifies the wing connection scheme with far superior load bearing capacity than prior wing fold mechanism used on carrier transport and carrier fighter aircraft.

  • CHROMOLY FRAME - Strong, lightweight, and built with computer controlled bends and cuts for high precision. Many gauges and methods for controlling load transfer and carrying capability. Software simulation such as Solid Works validates structural loads.

  • ALUMINIUM CHASSIS - A frame capable of sustaining all the vehicle loads and flight stresses of a typical utility truck and business jet, by itself. With the addition of chromoly support frame and stiffened carbon fiber body, the Firenze will be capable of high G, high speed flight, with no-flare landings and a solid platform on unprepared roads. 

  • AVIONICS WITH HEADS UP DISPLAY - Off the shelf, lightweight, easy to use systems are ready to go. 

  • FLIGHT CONTROLS - Controls actuated with rods, pulleys, and cables using no or minimal augmentation is similar to thousands of operational business jet aircraft control configurations. Fully redundant controls are backed with electric flight actuators on the wings for roll and electrically actuated stabilizer for pitch.

  • CARBON FIBER BODY - Hundreds of high performance vehicles are built with carbon fiber. There are many artisans capable of constructing a strong, load bearing body.

  • WEIGHT - Over-estimated by 10-20% relative to component weight for a realistic margin.

  • CABIN SIZE - Millions of high performance vehicles share a similar cabin volume as well as hip, shoulder, and head room.

  • DRAG COUNT - CFD validated drag count with thrust to weight and thrust to surface area exceeding existing corporate jet aircraft. 

  • CANOPY GLASS - Next generation laminates incorporating Gorilla Glass are  being used today and are lighter, stronger, and provide  a quieter cabin than previous designs.



Dan Side View Driving.png


FASTEST ACCELERATION FOR TAKEOFF OF ANY BUSINESS AIRCRAFT, BY FAR.   Nearly 1000 ft lbs of high torque wheel acceleration plus 4000 lbs of thrust for a vehicle takeoff weight of 6000 - 8000 lbs. Unbeatable!


GREATEST STOPPING POWER OF ANY CORPORATE JET AIRCRAFT. Four large tires, huge contact surface to weight area, massive carbon brakes on both front and rear wheels, combined with wing spoilers to plant the aircraft after touchdown and the Firenze will have unprecedented stopping performance. 


PEERLESS COMBINATION OF LUXURY AND PERFORMANCE. Firenze combines cockpit luxury and comfort in a highly maneuverable, 5G capable, jet fast, 4 seat, performance aircraft.


FASTEST, MOST CONVENIENT, MOST FLEXIBLE DOOR-TO-DOOR INTERCITY PERFORMANCE OF ANY VEHICLE: Corporate jet speeds in the air. By far the quickest to get airborne and get off the airport after landing. Use any airstrip 2500 ft or longer, and fly up to 850 miles. No airport anchoring. full road car performance. It’s always as fast as driving, and with runways at both ends, the Firenze is the fastest.


YOU’LL NEVER NEED TO BE TRAPPED IN TRAFFIC. With airports nearly everywhere you want to go and the capability to accelerate and stop safely on even the smallest airstrips, traffic can almost always be avoided.


YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER WILL LOVE IT. Comfortable, fast, easy to use, go anywhere, anytime. World expanding convenience and freedom.  


A PERFECT BALANCE OF SKILL AND INTUITIVE, ENJOYABLE OPERATION. Combining a heads-up display with no flare landings allows for pinpoint touchdown precision.  Automatic powerful brakes ensure reliable runway roll out predictions. 


GRASS GRAVEL DIRT STRIP CAPABLE. The largest tires of any corporate aircraft intended for unprepared strip operations (King Air, Cessna, Pilatus). Long travel suspension can handle the roughest runways.

A COMPLETELY NEW OPTION FOR EXPLORING THE FAR REACHES. No other aircraft allows you to effortlessly bring your vehicle with you. With Firenze, go far, get there fast, and have a high clearance, high torque vehicle you can explore with when you land.

The first step is a feasibility study, followed by preliminary design review, detailed engineering, prototype development, and a 10 vehicle limited run production. After partnering with a business jet maker, the vehicle will be certified followed by manufacturing.  
Jet engine suppliers Williams International, Honda Jet, and Pratt & Whitney, have certified engines in the weight and thrust class providing a variety of optimizations depending on client mission needs.
Armada Engineering, a trophy truck builder, is ready to design and build a chromoly frame and integrate the wheels, suspension, electrical components, and steering.
Over Clouds.png


Bugatti & Koenigsegg claim they won’t make faster cars. What’s next? 

Firenze is the next chapter in a performance super car. Want to be the first to write the story?



Isn’t it about time?



As amazing as a land vehicle breaking the sound barrier.

Like rockets returning from space and landing on recovery pads.






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